AMG Duces Donates To Support 17year-old Two Times Mother Of Twins


Few days ago, photos of a 17 year old who was identified having two sets of twins with different men surfaced online.

She needed assistance in taking care of the children and herself.

According to reports, fathers to the children are nowhere to be found and she lives all alone at Mankessim.


With the help of humanitarians Twin Diaries, social media Influencer and Manager of AMG Armani has on Monday has put a smile on the face of the young 17 years old girl living in Mankessim who has given birth to twins.

It was through a popular Facebook group
called INNA REAL LIFE that this kind
person called David Boahen Deuces saw
the situation of this young girl and
decided to help her
God richly bless this kind hearted

David Deuces writes….“I thank God I
have been able to put smiles on the face
of Diana the 17 year old girl with 4
children who was suffering and needed
help .God bless everyone who
contributed a little to support me do this
She will soon be established
and life will get better with her from
today onwards