BBN DISCOVERY: Meet Masaraty The Creator – 7 Things To Know About Him


    Masaraty The Creator, Born Abdul Kuduus Salifu is a Ghanaian blogger and YouTuber known for celebrity gossip, Technology updates, and general news. Currently, he is based in Sampa in the Bono region. He is the fourth child of his parents and is a publisher as well as a Promoter.

    1, Place of birth:

    Masaraty The Creator was born at Sampa in the Bono Region to Salifu Mohammed and Sadia Ali Bama.


    2, Date of birth:

    Masaraty The Creator was born on 23rd July 2005.

    3, Siblings:

    Masaraty has 4 siblings (3 boys) and (1 girl). They are Mahama Salifu, Yussif Salifu, Ahmed Salifu, and Rashidatu Salifu.

    4, Education:

    He Started His Primary School at Kasipe Memorial International- Sampa. He completed his Basic Education Certificate Examination in the year 2020. He then furthered his Secondary School Education at Nafana Presby Senior High and he is Currently pursuing Visual Art in S.H.S.

    5, Work:

    He has worked with some well-known credible organizers including Kwaminat TV. and is Currently at

    6, Awards;

    He won his first award in the year 2022 @African Youth Showbiz Awards’ (Blogger Of The Year) and Biggest Of All Been The Youngest Blogger to be Ranked Among The Top 50 Ghanaian Bloggers In Ghana.

    7, Social Media Handles

    Masaraty The Creator has a very vibrant social media presence across all major social messaging platforms in Ghana.

    Check out his handles below:

    Facebook: Masaraty

    Twitter: Masaratythector

    Instagram: MasaratyTheCreator