Breaking News: Body Of Decomposing Hanged Woman Found In A Kitchen


In a news reportage from the Central Region of Ghana, the decomposing body of a 39year-old woman identified as Maame Efua was discovered in a kitchen.

The deceased is described to have been sick and kept at a prayer camp until she disappeared from the prayer camp.


According to the reports, there has been several attempts to find her but all to no avail. The citizen of Abeadze claim the unpleasant odour that was taking over the village led to the discovery of her body in a locked kitchen.

The door of the kitchen were locked outside with the windows locked which indicates that someone may have killed her and hanged her in the kitchen. Witnesses say the owner of the house has travelled.

The Assembly Member of Abeadze Kyeakor Electoral Area Hon. Abraham Ashun also said this is the first time such an incident has happened in the Abeadze Kyeakor Community.

He said the case has been reported to the Abeadze Domenase Police Command for investigation.