France Ambassador To Ghana Surprisingly Lectures EU Ambassador On Adinkra Symbols


The France Ambassador to Anne-Sophie Avé took delight in lecturing the European union Ambassador to Ghana Mr. Irchad Ramiandrasoa Razaaly on the Adinkra Symbols.

In a Instagram post the European union Ambassador to Ghana wrote the following statements


Dear followers, who can explain the meaning of these #adinkra cufflinks I am wearing today ? With this picture

And France Ambassador to Ghana replied with the quoted paragraphs below;

@shadrackagyare94 says: “This is the Adinkra Symbol called Dwennimmenwhich means the RAM’S HORN.
It represents strength (in mind, body, and soul), humility, wisdom, and learning.
This symbol features prominently in the logo of the University of Ghana, Ghana’s first and largest university.

It exhibits vertical symmetry because it is actually a picture of two opposing horns. That is the orientation of horns of rams when they fight. The scene can be quite mesmerizing as they move away from each other and then run towards each other at top speed to smash their horns against each other.

One can imagine it must be a rather frightful experience for at least one of them if not for both. In an attempt to establish dominance and authority, these otherwise humble creatures deem it necessary to hurt themselves if they have to, all so they can prove a point. But to whom? ” deep!