How To Transfer Money Without Paying E-Levy (part 1)


The electronic transfer levy popularly known as the E-Levy saw it’s first implantation on money transfer in Ghana with and additional 1.5% charge on all electronic cash transfers above GH¢ 100.

Below is the first alternative for sending money without having to pay E-Levy charges.


1. Buy another sim (if you are using MTN buy either Vodafone or Tigo and vice versa).

2. Register the MOMO account in your name on the new sim.

3. Give new sim to your parents or trusted ones or your company.

4. Anytime you want to send money to your parents or trusted ones or company, send it through that number registered in your name.

Levy Act, 2022 under 2(b) do not imposed levy for transfers between accounts owned by the same person.

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