How To Transfer Money Without Paying E-Levy (part 2)


Ghana’s electronic transfer levy popularly refered to as E-Levy which was passed out into implantation barely a month ago has left many in search of alternative methods to transfer money

In a previous article we gave the first alternative to transfer money without having to pay E-Levy and in this article we will present another clue to send as much as GH¢ 600 without paying the controversial E-Levy.


Read the steps below for more info on free mobile money transaction.

1. Let the receiver (the person you want to send the money to) go to a MoMo vendor and mention your number to the vendor.

2. Allow Cash Out wherever you are and give your ID number to the receiver to mention to the Momo vendor.

3. The vendor initiates withdrawal and it comes to you for approval wherever you are. Approved to confirm withdrawal.

4. The person then receives his/her cash
With this method transfer or withdrawal limit is GH¢600 so by using it you escape GH¢19.5 E-Levy.

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