It Is Difficult For Me To Record Music Outside Ghana – Sarkodie Explains

Ghana’s Sarkodie has in an interview with Jay Foli elaborated on his style of recording and his preferred atmosphere when recording his songs.

According to Sarkodie on 3 Music TV in an interview, he explained his nostalgia anytime he is outside the shores of Ghana and feels like he must or the necessity comes for him to record a song.

Sarkodie said he sometimes has to carry the memories from his world travels along with him back to Ghana to be able to create his music around such memories mostly unintentionally.

In his delivery, Sarkodie said even if he makes a record outside Ghana, he comes back to sit and recreates his style and approach.

Sarkodie said his biggest records so far in his music career were all recorded in Ghana and he clarified that this approach came to play in his new Jamz Album.

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