M.anifest Set To Give Budding Artistes A Paid Performance And A Single Recording Deal

M.anifest on his bid to promote young talents and budding artistes in the ghanaian music space has opened his doors to all who wants a chance of working with him on his upcoming concert.

In a post, M.anifest announced his intentions to give young artistes an opportunity to perform at the Manifestivities Concert and get paid and also give them a single recording deal fully funded and mentoring.

In order to stand such an opportunity, follow the steps below,

1. Sing/rap/perform in this open verse
and post on twitter/IG or do a duet on
Tik Tok
2. Tag @manifestive on all socials
3. Hashtag #MyCleanAndPure and
Submit entries by Close of day on
November 20 to be eligible to win the

Grand Prize:
i) A paid performance at this year’s
ii) Fund production, mixing and
mastering of your next single and be
mentored by M.anifest

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