Meet Joker Nharnah The Man On Black Sherif’s “SOJA” Beat


The hypnotic supersonic and unmistakable sounds in Black Sherif’s ‘Kweku The Traveller’ and ‘Soja’ is produced and engineered by the man known as Joker Nharnah.

Joker Nharnah is a Ghanaian record producer setting records with his defiant rich sounds.


Joker also has his own string of dope songs on his belt. After producing and featuring Juma Mufasa, Humphrey, and Marince Omario on ‘Memory Lane’ in 2020, he came through with ‘Photograph’ in 2021.

His distinct rhythm is inside Shika Hewor, featuring Questo, Taxing and ‘Wayanyenya’.The latest project, Blacko’s Soja, is on the verge of breaking the internet