Netizens React As Audiomack Mistakenly Tags Black Sherif As A Nigerian In A Tweet


Digital music streaming platform Audiomack has been heavily attached by ghanaian netizens after they made an error in their twitter publication concerning the nationality of Black Sherif.

With Kwaku The Traveller being second in the most streamed hip hop songs on the platform in this new week, Audiomack in a tweet represented Black Sherif with a Nigerian flag and few minutes after the publication went wild Ghanaians on social media went hard on them seeking for them to pull down the post.


According to a comment by Praye Tietia of the music group Praye he said;

Song was uploaded under Nigerian audiomack. About 80% of blacko’s streams are coming from there reason audiomack system recognises it as a Nigerian song.

In reply to all of this, Black Sherif quoted the tweet with a Ghana flag in a bid to correct the representation by Audiomack.