Nobody Should Be Forced To Sing In Someone Else’s Language – Sarkodie


Rapper Sarkodie has in a Twitter post influenced by legendary KKD set his opinion straight on the ways through which communication can be passed through craft.

In a tweet, Sarkodie said Nobody should be forced to say their craft in someone else’s language but rather leave it original for those who really want to understand it to ask for it to be translated to them


After a close study at the reaction of fans and critics of Sarkodie to his statement, two different meanings can be derived from the tweet.

Per our findings, the first instance suggests that Sarkodie was indirectly replying those who always mock him for not presenting his craft in English but but rather over 90% in Twi.

In another scenario, it might be that Sarkodie was trying to address the fact that some people are saying Ghanaian artists are singing like Nigerians in order to grow audience in Nigeria.

Looking at this analysis, what is your opinion on this statement from Sarkodie?