Personality Scoop: Sarkodie’s Journey As A Rapper With ‘Twi’ As His Main Art Language


Famous Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie pinned
his name as one of AFRICA’s most
successful rappers by rapping in ‘Twi’, a
local Ghanaian language understood by about 25% of the Ghanaian population.
He took it upon himself to represent his
culture 100%.

Whenever Sarkodie got invited for freestyle sessions in the United States, the rapper always did his thing in the ‘twi’ language.


Whenever he was invited for Collabos, he
always delivered his verses in his local
tongue. Sarkodie didn’t care if people understood him or not. He just kept representing his culture and putting Ghana on the map.

His burning energy + the massive support he received from Ghanaians caused many to fall in love with his arts.
Today, Sarkodie is the most successful,
most followed and most awarded African
rapper with over 107 awards from 191

So can language be a barrier to the the
success of an artist? We guess not. Music
has no language. Remember the most
popular song on the planet “Despacito” was
done in Spanish but English & French
speaking countries enjoyed it to the fullest.