Trending: Details On iPhone 14 Release Date And Rumours


Every year, Apple introduces a new iPhone. We received the iPhone 13 in 2021, and the iPhone 14 is anticipated this year.

There has been talk about the next iPhone lineup for almost a year, but the projected Sept. 7 launch date is now just three weeks away. Fans continue to have many inquiries as the potential release of the iPhone 14 draws nearer.


The price of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro will Apple go up? When will the new iPhone be available? And how will it even appear?

We get some hints from iOS 16, Apple’s most recent iPhone launcher release. But we’re compiling all the rumours surrounding the iPhone 14, from alleged price increases to potential design changes, in an effort to piece together what’s in store for Apple’s flagship device in 2022. We even have a wish list of functions we hope the new iPhone will offer.