WATCH VIDEO: Okomfo Kolege Cries Bitterly As His Fellow Actors Visit Him

Kumawood actor Okomfo Kolege was seen for the first time on camera grieving after losing his wife and child.

To mourn with him, his fellow Kumawood players descended at his Kolege home.
The actor, who was saddened, weeps inside himself in a video that has appeared on social media.

Okomfo Kolege’s demeanour and gestures show he is profoundly saddened by the loss of his wife and child, despite the fact that he is not shown sobbing on video.

On November 19, 2022, Okomfo Kolege, whose real name is Collins Oteng, lost his wife and infant. Reports state that she passed away during giving birth.

The woman chose to be active by sweeping her compound on Saturday morning while she was in labour, according to blogger ThoseCalledCelebs.

She was taken to Kwadaso SDA Hospital by her husband, where she required oxygen for labour.

Unfortunately, she passed away despite the physicians’ best efforts to save both her and the unborn child. Baby also passed away.

According to reports, Okomfo Kolege wed his wife in December 2021.

When the wife announced that she was having a boy, she held a baby shower. Unfortunately, they both died.

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